You carry inside your Self…

the Medicine of the Starry Heavens

Astrology is navigational medicine. A celestial map for life’s journey.

The horoscope (‘time-observer’) is a map & clock in one. It is an ancient mapping system here to support us as we travel life’s mysterious terrain. It orients us in the right direction. At the right time.

Astrology is soul-making & meaning-making. It is a sophisticated interpretative tool that cultivates depth & healing. It brings us closer to our authentic story & destiny.

All of nature works in rhythms & seasonal cycles, including human nature. Our growth & potential is animated by the seasons of our life. Astrology illuminates these personal cycles.

Astrology works. It is time-tested. It is practical & real. It is functional medicine.
It is the exalted art & science of the ancients.

Embracing life with a little more nuance, subtly, intelligence, texture, rhythm & beauty. That’s how this medicine works.

We all come from stardust. We are all filled with starlight. Our stories are written in the stars.
And we all deserve a little more illumination-
That’s what time it is. 

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Weaving Earth & Sky: Community Offerings

Tile mosaic abstract image of sunrays against blue sky

The School of Celestial Illumination

A school of astrology for those who are interested in remembering the embodied wisdom of their sky-gazing ancestors. These offerings will cross vast terrains and integrate many traditions as we remember how to divine from the sky and constellate a deeper understanding of astrology, myth & healing.  Grab your chart and come on down. We’ll meet in person, we’ll take field trips under the stars, we’ll cultivate our inner starlight.  

Photo of a mosaic artwork representing an animist Sun with a face

Stories from Stardust: A Mythopoetics of Starlore and Ancient Perception

These evenings are no ordinary storytelling. Come nestle into the Earth and gaze skyward as we illuminate the Vault of the Heavens with myth, cultural astronomy, ancient astrology & the wisdom of our skygazing ancestors. These evengings are a ritual alchemy, a recollection of the old stories, a love note to the nightly mysteries. Come join us for a remembering of your true home in an animate, soulful cosmos…

Meredith Aphieme

Intuitive & Business Owner

“What a great experience! Every time I go to see him my life changes deeply, even when it means facing hard stuff! It’s so VERY HELPFUL. Frank’s readings are mind-blowing, in the best way imaginable. He provides sound insight that places the matters on my mind & in my heart into a holistic and productive perspective. It’s nothing short of divine prophecy!”

Dr. Sarah Amedoro


“I highly recommend an astrology reading with Frank to anyone that is interested in learning more about themselves, and gaining clarity regarding the most important and effective use of their time, energy, intention, and gifts. Frank is incredibly knowledgeable. He attends to the details, and answers specific questions, while also tying the information together to give you the “big picture.” He explains the various indicators in an articulate and easily understandable fashion. As a psychologist, I support individuals to learn about themselves, and to actualize their healing and purpose. And Frank also brings his own unique energy to the table – energizing, funny, strong intellect – for an overall fun and inspiring experience!”

Kevin Williams

Founder, Software Engineer.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Frank for some time, and I can confidently say that he is a person of great integrity and reliability. His extensive knowledge and experience are truly impressive, and he consistently offers thoughtful and meaningful insights. Frank’s ability to assess situations quickly and provide timely, trustworthy advice is invaluable. He has a unique way of understanding and engaging with others, making him a trusted individual in any circumstance. I highly recommend Frank for his professionalism and the genuine support he offers.”

James Haddad

Arborist & Writer

“Cherry blossoms and praise for Medicine of the Starry Heavens! My session with Frank was the right medicine at the right time, and with the perfect dosage. We went into the subtleties of my chart and my life in a big way. This is what I would call “my planets in therapy!” The vault of the heavens were opened and Frank was there with his elaborate divinatory tool-kit, assessing and interpreting, guiding me with grace and skill.”

Josephine Bloomfield

Administrator, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine

“My reading with Frank was enlightening, validating, and he offered a lot more than what I was expecting. He was able to dive into my chart in ways other astrologers haven’t been able to in the past, gave insights into why particular things were coming up, and helped me understand what to expect in the months ahead. I learned a lot about myself, significant things to keep in mind, and guidance on gifts to develop. Frank is engaging, fun & extremely knowledgeable!”

Robbie Glenn

Elementary School Teacher

“Life-changing experience, for sure! It is amazing how he closes the gap and usual dissonance between the deeper, spiritual context and purpose of life with the more mundane, day-to-day issues and circumstances that make up so much of life. Frank is certainly not lacking in knowledge or generosity of his time and emotional presence. I left our meeting with some core insights about who I am, what I am here to do, and ways to do it! “

All that you touch you Change.
All that you Change Changes you.
The only lasting truth is Change.
-Octavia Butler

Medicine of the Starry Heavens Journal

Latest commentary, musings and astrological forecasts.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2021

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2021

The Starry Threads of Fate & Fortune:December 2021 Venus Meets Pluto and Retrogrades over the rocky Capricorn terrain of 2020. Remember Capricorn 2020? The astrology of plagues and dis-aster (ill-fated stars). There was the volatile minefield of eclipses all over...

The Saturn-Uranus Square of 2021

The Saturn-Uranus Square of 2021

The Starry Threads of Fate & Fortune:December 2021 The Final Showdown:Uranus, Saturn & Culture-Making Saturnian Winds. Promethean Ground. Culture at the crossroads. Between unruly Earth & heavy Sky. It’s like this: when an immovable obstacle meets an...

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